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Episode 138

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7th May 2024

Wilmington's Lie Reckoning: Addressing Historical Injustices

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Hello and welcome to A Black Executive Perspective Podcast ! Today, we're discussing .🎙️ Dr. Nsenga Burden discusses the significant role of Wilmington, North Carolina in civil rights and social justice activism, focusing on the 1898 coup and its effects. She highlights the importance of the Black press in advocating for and informing the Black community. The conversation touches on pressing issues faced by Black executives today, such as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), anti-Black and anti-Brown racism, and the upcoming election. Dr. Burden emphasizes the need for fact-based information and critical thinking to address these challenges. The conversation explores the importance of the black press in advocating for and supporting black Americans throughout history. It highlights the role of the black press in providing information, advocating for civil rights, and creating generational wealth. The conversation also touches on the Wilmington 10, a group of civil rights activists falsely convicted in Wilmington, North Carolina, and the need for reparations for the descendants of those affected by the massacre. The importance of demanding reparations and recognizing the contributions of black Americans is emphasized.

▶︎ In This Episode

00:00: Introduction and Welcome

08:37: The Role of Wilmington, NC in Civil Rights and Social Justice Activism

16:22: The Unknown Story of Wilmington's Lie

36:02: The Wilmington 10 and the Need for Reparations

44:03: Reparations and Recognition for Historical Injustices

50:03: Demanding Compensation for Black Americans' Contributions

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